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"Ocean pollution" sounds far away from us, as if everyone still feels that in places like the deep sea and the polar regions there will always be a clean area free from pollution.
But is the reality really what you think it is?



Once animals eat plastic or microplastics, all of those would stay and build  up in their organs and tissues;

Animals are trapped or injured by plastic nets, plastic rings, or other objects. In the end, it led to the death of a large number of animals, the rupture of the food chain, and the breakdown of the balance.





80% of marine plastic waste originates from terrestrial activities, which shows that marine plastic waste is the result of poor management of terrestrial plastic waste. (Source: European Commission)


Plastic enters the ocean from land because it is either thrown directly into rivers or seas, or carried into the sea by natural forces such as wind, floods, tides, etc. The Ocean Cleanup study estimates that 1.14 million to 2.41 million tons of the 8.4 million to 12 million tons of plastic recognized annually in the ocean. 80% to 90% of it comes from coastal areas. Therefore, 80% of the plastic in our oceans is formed before it flows into the ocean, which means plastic waste that is discarded in specific areas such as: river banks, rivers, coastal areas.




So we come to a simple idea:


If we recycle Ocean Bound Plastic, we should be able to solve 80% of the problem!





With the continuous deterioration of the global ecological environment,we realize that the traditional consumption pattern excessively consumes natural resources, which is not conducive to sustainable development and the overall improvement of the quality of life. Therefore, the consumption concept of sustainable development came into being and became an important part of sustainable development.



We recycle, design, process, and manufacture. We recreate everything you want with the principle of protecting the ocean and the earth on which we live.





We take care of the whole process from sourcing OBP certified raw materials to producing finished products based on your quality standards and design requirements.









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